Effective Sales Negotiations

One Day Workshop on

Effective Sales Negotiations

Timing : 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Breakfast and Registration : 9 A.M. For Registration : nrpeindia@gmail.com
Bengaluru -23rd February, 2017 at The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru
Mumbai -25th February, 2017 at Ramada Plaza Palmgrove, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai
Delhi -4th March, 2017 at Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Benefits of participating in this Workshop:

This training workshop is designed to equip participants with following benefits -

Like it or not, everyone has to negotiate all the time in home, college, workplace, and customer facing situations in sales career all the time. Negotiation is a fact of life. Negotiation is a very basic process or a means of getting from others what you want. What was once considered an adversarial, often-contentious struggle between buyers and sellers has shifted to a collaborative, problem-solving mindset as it has become clear that the zero-sum negotiating philosophy of "I win only if you lose" did not always fit in a world of business interdependencies and cooperation.

This Workshop will provide participants with outstanding clarity on definition and types of Negotiations. It goes deep into the world of Negotiation and equips participants with strategies, techniques, tactics and tips to consistently practice the art of negotiation and quickly master it to such an extent so as to become an expert practitioner. This is a "must have" tool for improving sales performance. Other Workshops on 'Consultative Selling Techniques' and 'Key Account Management' hone your skills as sales person to convince customers about superior value of your products or services, but you have to be an expert negotiator to be able to close deals in midst of extreme competition with terms and conditions of sale that are favorable to your company.

Workshop Methodology:

Workshop is highly interactive. Having trained large number of participants with many years in selling career in different areas of trade, industry and business, Faculty has found out that level of unlearning old methods of training and adopting new learnings is directly proportional to level of interactions between faculty and participants and also amongst participants.

Extensive use of Case discussion methodology. Cases are designed to increase absorption of new learnings on a permanent basis.

Participants will be asked to correlate their past experiences of handling specific customer situations with principles and techniques of negotiation discussed in workshop. Faculty has found out from experience that this has increased absorption of new techniques in day to day working style of participants.

Faculty uses number of Role Plays to ensure that participants will get a flavor of playing out negotiating techniques in real life situations and become adept in effectively using these from very next day. Role Plays will be conducted under close guidance from Faculty to increase their effectiveness.

Participants will need to come prepared with at least some real life situations (it is not mandatory for attending this Workshop but will help participant if done to some extent) that will be discussed in a group situation as part of above listed methodology.

Last but not the least, Video clippings are one of most effective methods of imbibing new learnings, and hence will be used extensively to make Workshop highly effective and productive.

Who should attend?:

This course is designed for General Managers and Sales Managers at all levels who are individual contributors or lead teams in a sales organization

Program Overview:

  1. Types of Negotiations :
    • Distributive vs Integrative
    • Multi Phase vs. Multi Party
    • The Negotiator's Dilemma
    • Guidelines and tips to succeed

  2. Concept of Principled Negotiation :
    • Positional bargaining versus Principled Negotiation as a better alternative

  3. Principles and Concepts of Negotiation
    • Value Driven
    • Identification of Opportunities
    • Being flexible
    • Establishment of Trust

  4. General Mistakes committed :
  5. Key Concepts:
    • BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
    • Reservation Price
    • ZOPA (Zone of possible agreement)
    • Value creation through Trades
  6. BATNA in detail
    • Assess your BATNA using a four-step process.
      1. List your alternatives
      2. Evaluate your alternatives
      3. Establish your BATNA
      4. Calculate your reservation value
    • Take your BATNA to the next level
    • Track BATNAs in multiparty negotiations
    • Anticipate hidden hazards of BATNA research
  7. Dealing with Difficult People
    • Diagnose their motivations:
      1. The accidental hard bargainer
      2. The reluctant hard bargainer
      3. The intentional hard bargainer
    • Get past NO:
      1. Holding your ground
      2. When you need to just say no
      3. Facing the challenge
      4. Build a golden bridge
      5. Listen to learn
      6. You don't have to like them
      7. Breakthrough negotiation – 5 steps:
        1. Don't react: Go to the balcony
        2. Disarm them by stepping to their side
        3. Change the game: Don't reject—reframe
        4. Make it easy to say 'yes'
        5. Make it hard to say no
    • Tame the hard bargainer
      1. Set standards of behavior
      2. Avoid dismissive labels
      3. Take the pressure off
      4. Probe the other side's point of view.
      5. Put forth multiple proposals
      6. Be ready to walk
      7. Share your feelings
      8. Weigh the benefits of a concession
      9. Build a coalition
      10. Accept no for an answer
  8. Barriers to Negotiations
    1. Communication problems
    2. Die hard bargainers
    3. Lack of Trust
    4. Potential saboteurs
    5. Culture/Gender differences
    6. CLOSING – kind of surprises
  9. Skills of effective negotiators
    1. Tips for managing Relationship Value

Mr. Mukesh Mathur, B.Tech (IIT Kanpur), PGDM (IIMC) has 36 years experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management with leading Indian Companies and MNC. His exposure includes Consumer Durables, Office Equipment, Building Materials, Software Sales & Marketing and Retail.

Mukesh spent 17 years in Godrej & Boyce, starting as Management Traineee, worked in various assignments and finally as Business Head of the Electronic Typewriter Business. He then worked as Executive Vice President and Head of Ceramic Tiles Business, Spartek Ceramics India Limited and as Whole-time Director and Head of Polaris Retail Infotech Limited where he was responsible for new software products launches. Subsequently he was with Oracle India as Executive Director for 9 years in charge of developing Oracle Retail software business in India and other countries in the Indian subcontinent.

He is a Member of CII National Committee of Retailing and FICCI Retail Committee. His breadth of experience includes world class Consultative Selling Skills, Key Account Management, Sales Negotiations, Distribution Channel Management and Management of Sales Organization.


In our workshop, we maximize knowledge assimilation in the participants through combination of execution elements like case discussions, exercises, simulated games and activities, video led sessions and discussions on global best practices. At the end of each workshop we facilitate the participants to distill Key Learning and prepare Action Plans to deliver solid business results for our clients.

Fees and Registration

Fee per participant Rs. 8,500/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,775/-

For 3 or more participants avail discounted - Fee per participant Rs. 8,000/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,200/-
*Taxes include - Service Tax @ 14 % . Swatch Bharat Cess @ 0.5 % and Krishi Kalyan Cess @ 0.5 %

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