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5th August 2017
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9th August 2017
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11th August 2017
at Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi


9:30am - 5:30pm
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Fee per participant Rs. 8,450/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,971/-

For 3 or more participants avail discounted - Fee per participant Rs. 7,950/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,381/-

*Taxes include - GST @ 18%
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The workshop is non residential.

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Performance EDGE Presents 1 Day Workshop on

Advanced Business Writing Skills

Why this workshop?

In an era where technology has enabled globalization and instant interaction across borders, the Indian manager has to communicate in writing with people across geographies, cultures & socio-economic backgrounds.

The business world today is characterized by Information overload and short attention spans. Therefore, it's vital to communicate clearly, concisely and effectisvely. People don't have time to read lengthy emails, and they don't have the patience to decipher badly-constructed emails or reports for "buried" points.

The better writing skills a person has, the better the impression they make on the people around - including clients, colleagues, and the boss. It will also help to be more effective in communicating ideas and therefore improve the acceptance of ideas.

Ability to write well is a "must have" attribute to get ahead in today's competitive business world. This requires specific skills to be adopted - first through training intervention and then by continuous individual practice.

This workshop aims at adding a critical dimension to the manager's repertoire of skills, through the effective use of written communication.

Who will benefit?

This workshop is particularly useful for professionals aiming at career growth - where writing crisply with finesse, sophistication and being at ease with writing, will be the enablers towards career success and assuming leadership roles.

Knowledge & Skills Gained

This workshop enables the business professional to :

  • Develop competencies through learning the best practices adopted by leading international organizations.
  • To write clearly, concisely and more succinctly to convey more efficiently to your reader.
  • Be aware of the various techniques & best practices in written communication and developing their own writing style through the use of practical exercises.
What the Workshop Covers?
  • The basics of written communication - context / comprehensibility / complexity / clarity
  • Barriers to communication - technical & psychological barriers & how to overcome them
  • The process of writing - audience & format, composition & style, structuring, common grammatical & spelling errors, proofing, use of charts & graphics etc
  • Writing reports
  • Writing letters & e-mails. Email protocols and common mistakes
  • Writing proposals
  • Writing a Terms of Reference
  • Individual & group exercises
  • Key Learning and Action Plan
Program Topics:
Workshop Objectives, Expectations & Importance of getting it right
  • Workshop participant’s understanding on whiteboard / flipchart
  • List areas that need to be covered
  • Why business writing skills are important
Writing Style
  • Basic pillars of effective communication - Substance, Structure, Style and Strategy
  • The 4 Cs - context / comprehensibility / complexity / clarity
  • Fog Index - Individual exercise
  • Jargons / abbreviations
The Basics of Written Communication
  • Context / comprehensibility / complexity / clarity
  • Barriers to communication
  • Exercises
Guidelines to Writing
  • Proposals
  • Consultant's report on business recommendations
  • Reports
  • Exercise
The Writing Process
  • Audience & format, composition & style, structuring
  • Address "So What"
  • Common errors, proofing,
  • Use of charts & graphics etc
  • Exercises
Terms of Reference
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How to
  • Exercise
  • The e-mail "attitude/ frame of mind"
  • Timeliness & punctuality
  • Different type of e-mails - memos, reports, MOMs
  • Protocols - opening / closure
  • Disclaimers
  • Forwarding mails - right way, cleanup, chains, cc-s, bcc-s
  • Topics to be avoided – e-mail policy - jokes etc.
  • Best practices & security issues, access, NDA, Regulations
  • Spell check (US/UK English)
  • Mailing groups
  • E-mail ethics
  • Interpersonal skills, team spirit, social grace, business grace, business etiquette, negotiation skills, Behavioral traits - attitude, motivation & time management
  • Misuse of e-mails 
  • Keeping your e-mail emotions in check
  • Things to be avoided - junk mail, chains, etc
  • Messaging - e-mail is not sms
  • Exercise
Concluding Session
  • Key learning & action plan
  • Lessons learnt - from participants
  • Feedback form

In our workshop, we maximize knowledge assimilation in the participants through combination of execution elements like case discussions, exercises, simulated games and activities, video led sessions and discussions on global best practices. At the end of each workshop we facilitate the participants to distill Key Learning and prepare Action Plans to deliver solid business results for our clients.


Mr. Ashim Ghosh comes with over two decades of multi-faceted experience in the IT consulting industry across Europe, USA and India. His consulting career with Cap Gemini and International Computers, based at London for over a decade, gave him tremendous depth and international exposure to the best of current world class practices and standards. In India, he has worked in senior roles ranging from Director, VP, and Consultant to CEO & MD with leading India based organizations including TCG, Kirloskars and Infosys Technologies among others. Ashim's varied roles and geographies throughout his career, has provided the exposure to develop immense breadth in management of people and companies through projects, consulting and training.

Ashim invests his vast experience to advice organizations to build Skills and Competencies specific to industries in people. Ashim is an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad and a MSc. in Business Systems from the CASS Business School, London.