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06th May 2017
at Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

11 May 2017
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13th May 2017
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9:30am - 5:30pm
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The workshop is non residential.
The workshop is non residential.

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1 Day Workshop

Benefits of participating in this Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip you with desired tools to optimize your sales force performance for competitive advantage.

Sales is the source of revenue for your organization. Your sales force is a growth engine for ensuring a regular, uninterrupted and growing flow of revenue. It also brings home critical market feedback. With fast changing competitive situation and disruptive role played by technology, This workshop will help you optimize the performance of your sales force by learning to cut costs while increasing sales.

Understand importance of sales territories and sales quota systems which if designed correctly will enhance the productivity of sales force, but can be disastrous if done without a good understanding of the concepts and reasons behind the same.

Discover how strategies like analysing your sales calls, realigning territories, reallocating salesperson time or adjusting sales force size can transform performance, generating maximum growth from your sales force. 

Learn to fine tune organisational structures to motivate salespeople and distribution channels to deliver outstanding results. It will train participants with ability to do optimal Organizing and Staffing of the Sales force. Workshop will impart a thorough understanding of types of sales organizational structures , determination of size of sales force, key processes of planning, recruiting, selecting, hiring, socialization and assimilation of sales force.
  • Some key elements that Participants will get exposed to will be :

    1. New Buying Reality – how customers are changing the way they make purchasing decisions.

    2. Three emerging selling models ( transactional, consultative & enterprise) – when each applies, and how to align sales force with right selling models.

    3. Increasing use of Technology and Channels to increase business while expanding Value to customers.

  • This Workshop will educate you to rethink and retool your sales force and selling strategies by application of innovative and proven elements for winning in the new marketplace. Learn to manage a dynamic sales force in the midst of increasing product and market complexity.

Workshop Methodology:
  • This Workshop is highly interactive. Having trained large number of participants with many years in his selling career, the Faculty has found out that level of unlearning old methods and adopting new learnings is directly proportional to level of interactions between faculty and participants and amongst participants as well.

  • Extensive use of Case discussions and Videos to increase absorption of new learnings on a permanent basis.

  • Participants will be asked to correlate their past experiences of handling specific customer situations with new techniques and principles discussed in Workshop. Faculty has found out from experience that this increases absorption of new techniques in your day to day working.

  • Role Plays will be facilitated to help get a flavor of playing out learned techniques in real life situations and get practice in using these.

  • Participants should come prepared with a couple of real life situations to be discussed in the group. Sharing of such situations has been found to be useful as learning tool.

  • Video clippings are one of most effective methods of imbibing new learnings, and hence will be used extensively to make Workshop highly effective and productive.

Who should attend:

Leading The Sales Force Effectivelyis designed for managers having responsibility of managing sales force and business development. This will also help those managers who will shortly transition from Selling to managing the Sales Force.

Detailed Schedule of 1 Day Workshop
  • Introduction to Sales Management
    • What is Sales Management ?
    • Role and Skills of Sales Manager.
    • Types of Sales Managers and Sales Management Positions.
    • Changing Roles of Sales Force.
    • Linking Sales Force Management & Distribution Management.
    • Are things changing fast disrupting traditional methods of Sales Force Management?

  • Planning Sales Force, Sales Forecasting & Budgeting
    • Strategic Planning – Corporate strategic planning, SBU planning, Operational Planning
    • Sales Force Strategy – Classification of Accounts, Relationship strategy, Selling methods, Channel strategy, all having a strong bearing on strategy of sales force.
    • Types of Sales Forecasts, Approaches to Forecasting, Methods of sales forecasts, improving forecasting accuracy.
    • Sales Budgets – Purposes, Methods and Processes.
    • Faculty will conduct ROLE PLAY session to impart effective learnings in this area.

  • Management of Sales Territories & Sales Quotas
    • Why Sales Territories and Quotas.
    • How to design sales force Territories and how to Assign Sales People to Territories to maximize Salerpersons’ effectiveness in a Territory
    • Routing, Call scheduling, Time management Tools for Sales force and Sales Managers.
    • Methods of setting Sales Quotas and their Administration

  • Staffing of Sales Force – Specialization & Management
    • Types of Sales Organization Structures – Line vs Staff; Functional vs. Horizontal
    • Specialization – Geographic, Market, Product, Hybrid
    • Key Account Management
    • Staffing Sales Force – Size, workload, Potential, Incremental, Stages (Planning, Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring, Socialization, Assimilation)
    • Faculty will facilitate a CASE DISCUSSION covering above points to help participants imbibe new learnings.

  • Sales Force Motivation and Compensation
    • Training of Sales Force – Assessment of Needs, Design and execution n of sales training programme, Reinforcing of sales training.
    • Motivating Sales Force. Relevance of Motivational theories, selecting lty will equip participants to become
    • Sales Compensation plans to effectively Lead the Sales Force.
    • Methods of Controlling Sales Force through Sales Intelligence System. Expense Plans, Evaluating and Controlling Performance of Sales Force.

  • The New Selling: From Communicating Value to Creating Value
    • What is Sales Force For? Communicating Value to Customers.
    • The Value Communication Trap
    • The New Marketing Myopia. Beyond the Value Slogans.
    • How Value is Reshaping Purchasing Decisions.
    • What does the New Selling Look Like? The Three Emerging Selling Modes. Supplier Segmentation Matrix. Breaking out of the Buying Quadrants.
    • The New Transactional Selling. And The New Consultative Selling. The Three Pillars of Consultative Selling. Hunters & Farmers – a very useful Concept in Managing Sales Force.
    • Rethinking Sales Process and Rethinking Channels to Create Value.


Mr. Mukesh Mathur, B.Tech (IIT Kanpur), PGDM (IIMC) has 36 years experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management with leading Indian Companies and MNC. His exposure includes Consumer Durables, Office Equipment, Building Materials, Software Sales & Marketing and Retail.

Mukesh spent 17 years in Godrej & Boyce, starting as Management Traineee, worked in various assignments and finally as Business Head of the Electronic Typewriter Business. He then worked as Executive Vice President and Head of Ceramic Tiles Business, Spartek Ceramics India Limited and as Whole-time Director and Head of Polaris Retail Infotech Limited where he was responsible for new software products launches. Subsequently he was with Oracle India as Executive Director for 9 years in charge of developing Oracle Retail software business in India and other countries in the Indian subcontinent.

He is a Member of CII National Committee of Retailing and FICCI Retail Committee. His breadth of experience includes world class Consultative Selling Skills, Key Account Management, Sales Negotiations, Distribution Channel Management and Management of Sales Organization.