Performance EDGE Presents
One Day Workshop on
Setting Up a Coaching and Mentoring Program for your Organization
Timing : 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Breakfast and Registration : 9 A.M. For Registration :
Mumbai -4th March, 2016 at Ramada Plaza Palmgrove, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai
Bengaluru -9th March, 2016 at The Chancery Hotel, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru
Delhi -11th March, 2016 at Jaypee Vasant Continental, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
Workshop Description

With competition for talent becoming intense in the Indian corporate scenario, talent retention, engagement & development are becoming vital to remain on top in a fiercely competitive global scenario. The investments made in talent engagement can be a costly mistake if the talent is not carefully nurtured, developed and retained for leading the growth of the organization in future.

Corporate India is becoming increasingly aware that in the battle for talent, a new paradigm of talent enhancement through mentoring & coaching needs to be a part of the corporate ethos as it enhances performance, motivates and improves the relationship between an employee and the organization.

In India, formal adoption of in-house Coaching & Mentoring programs have been successfully started by the large IT companies as high attrition and talent shortage are a serious threat to their growth plan & profitability.

The Mentoring & Coaching Primer program is based on the best practices of leading global organizations.

This program is offered as the first of a three part intervention program on coaching & mentoring.

The first part - Mentoring & Coaching Primer, is run as a one day workshop for participants who are interested in setting up a mentoring & coaching program in their organization or simply as an introduction to Mentoring & Coaching. This program cuts through the associated myths / jargons & addresses the "what" aspect of coaching and mentoring. It enables the participant to identify the preparation required for implementing Mentoring & Coaching in an organization. It may even help the participant to decide that Mentoring & Coaching may not be the right talent enhancement tool in their organization.

The second program in this series is a more involved two day workshop that prepares the participant to develop a blueprint or a "first-cut" plan for getting started with the implementation of a Mentoring / Coaching program in their organization. This workshop deals with the "how to" aspect of Mentoring / Coaching and is usually tailored for a specific organization.

The third program in the series is offered as a coaching exercise for the team in the organization that is responsible for implementing a mentoring & coaching initiative. It is specifically tailored for an organization & follows a consultative approach to ensure successful implementation of a Mentoring / Coaching initiative.

Who will benefit?

Senior corporate managers, Business Unit Heads - in fact anyone with the right maturity in the organization, entrusted with the management of the most valuable resource – "people".

Knowledge & Skills Gained

As organization structures become flatter, people within are required to be empowered to be more responsible, accountable & entrepreneurial.

This workshop will equip managers with the understanding and practical knowledge of Mentoring & Coaching, so as to gain a perspective on using Mentoring & Coaching as a tool in their organization. This workshop will enable a manager to identify the "gaps" in their organization that need to be addressed before deciding to implement a Mentoring & Coaching initiative. It may also help a manager to decide that – in spite of all the hype, Mentoring & Coaching may not be the right tool for their organization.

Mentoring relationships 'in action' is illustrated through role plays, interactive activities and by using film clips from contemporary situations.

What the Workshop Covers?
  • Exploring the mentoring & coaching concept
  • From Control to Mentoring / Coaching
  • The mentoring life cycle
  • Things that can go wrong
  • What to address in setting up a mentoring & coaching initiative
  • Role plays
Program Overview:
  • Program Overview:
    1. What is mentoring & coaching
      • Workshop participant's understanding on whiteboard / flipchart
      • Workshop participants expectations from the workshop
      • The difference between mentoring, coaching, counseling & training.
      • Appropriate situations to use them
      • Individual Exercise
    2. Film clips from a contemporary situations
      • Mentoring & Coaching – the differences
      • Attributes of a Good Coach and a Good Mentor
    3. The mentoring life cycle
      • Establishing relationships
      • Setting goals
      • Teach / observe / guide
      • Giving feedback
      • Role Play
    4. Mentoring : Reasons for failure
    5. Setting Up a Mentoring / Coaching Initiative
    6. Creating a Checklist for setting Up a Mentoring & Coaching
      • Initiative in your organization
      • Team Exercise & Presentation
    7. Concluding Session
      • Recap of the lessons learnt
      • Workshop lessons learnt - from participants
      • Feedback form

Mr. Ashim Ghosh comes with about three decades of multi-faceted experience in the IT consulting industry across Europe, USA and India. His consulting career with Cap Gemini and International Computers, based at London for over a decade, gave him tremendous depth and international exposure to the best of current world class practices and standards. In India, he has worked in senior roles ranging from Director, VP, and Consultant to CEO & MD with leading India based organizations including TCG, Kirloskars and Infosys Technologies among others. Ashim's varied roles and geographies throughout his career, has provided the exposure to develop immense breadth in management of people and companies through projects, consulting and training.

Ashim invests his multi-faceted experience to advise various organizations to build Skills and Competencies specific to people & processes.

He is an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad and a MSc. in Business Systems from the CASS Business School, London.

Ashim is accredited for administering the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® and is a qualified Lead Assessor for TickIT.

Fees and Registration
Fee per participant Rs. 8,500/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,733/-
For 3 or more participants avail discounted - Fee per participant Rs. 8,000/- plus taxes* is Rs. 9,160/-
* Taxes Include - Service Tax @ 14% plus Swatch Bharat Cess @ 0.50%
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